cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products
New! By the makers of cFosSpeed: The cFos EVSE

Credits and Acknowledgments

Many thanks go to the following people (listed in no particular order) for their time, help and advice:

Andreas Illg, Alexander Bell, Eberhard Mattes, Dietmar Friede, Uwe Engelmann, Scott J. Dudley, Robert Bergermann, Jens Osterwohldt, Markus Kessler, Olaf Dröge, Tobias Erichsen, Jan Ceuleers, Kalle Braun, Roland Steinmeyer, Oliver von Büren, Rainer Schütze, Thorsten Winkler, Manfred Recla, Jörn Bardewyck, Heiko Meyer, Dennis Rowe, Michael Bünter, Arndt Stedler, Ralf Pradella / TOP-KOPIE, Heinz-Otto Scheid, Wim Abels, Patrick Bosch and Matthias Ellinger.

The following companies also deserve our gratitude for their support in testing our product:

TELES, Diehl, AVM, ITK, ELSA, BinTec, KSI, Loewe, Sedlbauer, Stollmann, NCP and HST.

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