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New! By the makers of cFosSpeed: The cFos EVSE

cFosConnect is a small freeware programm. It will automatically repeat connection attempts up to 100 times when access nodes are busy or overloaded.

When connecting to T-Online, an incoming call is not automatically disconnected by a busy signal even if the access node through which the call is being routed is already close to exceeding its transfer capacity. Instead, the call is often accepted at first only to be rejected later. Worse yet, this also prompts the DUN in Win NT/2000 to delete username and password on the erroneous assumption the connection data entered was somehow faulty since no connection was established after all. By the same token, this will result in a failure to reconnect under Win 9x/ME. Using a different approach, cFosConnect will try to reconnect using the same connection data again.

cFosConnect has been developed to deploy existing RAS connections to allow users to go online with a minimum of mouse clicks. It can be used for all DSL, ISDN, and analog connections. Finally, there is some help in trying to connect to overloaded T-Online access nodes or Internet-by-call providers whose lines are constantly busy.

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