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Suggesting a program and its executable file for Traffic Shaping prioritization

We are looking for users who'd be interested in sending us their standard Traffic Shaping priority settings for programs not already included in our Traffic Shaping Prio List.

This is how you do it:

Add program to prioritization list - step 1-2

1 Right click on the cFosSpeed status window

2 Select "Options -> Settings"

Add program to prioritization list - step 3-4

3 Click on "Programs"

4 Click on "Add program"

Add program to prioritization list - step 5-8

5 Select the program from the selection box

6 If the program isn't currently active, click the "All programs" radio button and select the program from the extended list

7 Add a description of the program

8 Click on "Add"

How prioritization works

Traffic Shaping Priority List

cFos/cFosSpeed can prioritize the traffic of individual programs. This list contains programs, already prioritized by cFos/cFosSpeed.





Voice over IP (VoIP)




Filesharing (P2P)