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cFosICS is a freeware tool to manage Windows Internet Connection Sharing.
It offers the following command line interface:

cFosICS.exe list - lists all Internet connections available for sharing.

cFosICS.exe share <public_GUID> <private_GUID> - creates Internet Connection Sharing for 2 connections, using the GUIDs obtained by the cFosICS.exe list command.
The <public_GUID> selects the Internet connection which is to be shared, the <private_GUID> selects the network adapter / connection which shall access the public Internet connection.

cFosICS.exe disable - removes the current configured Internet Connection Sharing.

Newer versions of Windows 10 have a bug which may stop Internet Connection Sharing from working after a reboot.
Therefore cFosICS offers the following additional commands:

cFosICS.exe restart - restarts the Internet Connection Sharing

cFosICS.exe autostart <delay> - uses the Task Scheduler to call "cFosICS restart" automatically at system boot time, with a delay of <delay> seconds - starting without delay will not work in most cases. If no <delay> is specified a default value of 60 is used.

cFosICS.exe uninstall - removes the "cFosICS restart" command from the Task Scheduler

Notice: All commands need to be run as administrator., e.g. in a PowerShell console started with "Run as administrator".